EventigrateA multi-event solution bringing
context- and location-based
information to every stakeholder

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About the client

Eventigrate brings context- and location-based information to every stakeholder of a business event. Real-time and post-event analytics offer relevant insights enabling the event organizer and the venue to optimize their event.

The solution

Event organizer
Understand attendees’ behavior to better adapt your event to the attendees’ needs. Discover their preferences and areas of interest and optimize your budget spent. Make data-driven decisions:

  • Receive real-time and post-event analytics
  • Discover the value of attendees’ interests
  • Evaluate and optimize your organization
  • Offer attendees an exciting event experience


Optimize their networking experience by sending them notifications when an interesting person is nearby. Provide them beforehand with the event attendee list and enable them to plan their encounters:

  • Show who is present
  • Enable attendees to find interesting profiles
  • Notify when important connections are nearby
  • Provide up-to-date event information


Context- and location-based information is offered through an online platform for the event organizer, a dashboard for the exhibitor and a mobile application for the attendee. The smart name badge enables all three platforms to receive relevant information.

  1. Online platform for the event organizer: attendee flows, heat maps, social graphs, trending topics and Eventigrate score.
  2. Dashboard for the exhibitor: booth popularity, attendee details, new leads proposed, booth score.
  3. Mobile application for the attendee: attendee list, notify me function, who is near, voting module and event information.
  4. Smart name badge: integrated design, BLE, easy to configure and a built-in compass.
Organizer Platform
Exhibitor Dashboard







Why Eventigrate?

Thanks to our smart name badge, we always ensure data accuracy, even without the installation of the mobile application.

In addition, the user interface ensures an easy accessibility of the platform and the mobile application.

In comparison with existing networking applications, Eventigrate integrates all stakeholders involved. Hence, we optimize your time and money spent!